Pierre Lu
French Fine Art and Fashion photographer working as a freelance photographer in Paris, France.

Specialised in fine art nude photography and former fashion photographer for The Tab (Canterbury, UK), previous work experience includes event photography and advertising for local businesses, fashion designers, musicians, fashion bloggers, individuals and InQuire Live which resulted in him obtaining several publications including a couple of in Vogue Italia's PhotoVogue as well as being contacted to shoot at the 65th Cannes Film Festival. 

With nearly a decade's worth of experience and having lived in South East Asia, London and Paris for many years where he still travels on a regular basis, Pierre has been able to develop a unique style over the years for which he has obtained worldwide recognition particularly with regard to his black and white work. 

As of 2009, he has been focused on the "Feminin[c]ity" project which is the portrayal of the modern-day woman in some of the world's biggest and busiest cities. The project focuses on and celebrates the individuality, elegance, rhythm, femininity and timeless beauty of the contemporary woman living in an ever conforming society with distorted notions of "beauty" caught in the frenzy that is the twenty-first century. The project was first shot exclusively in London and Paris but has recently expanded to Hong Kong where he is still looking for new people to take part in the project. With hopes to expand the project to other major cities and with extensive experience working with first-timers and amateurs, feel free to get in touch and book a test shoot today!

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